The Quest of Oblivious

Doctor's Notes #5

Things keep getting more and more interesting. We’re getting closer to Panroar and Conan Custard, but now there’s a new mystery; the people in this place have started to… recognise me. They speak as if I’m their lord and master. Not that I’m complaining, but I fear that an imposter has stolen the proud name of Blitzmann. If I find him… Suffice to say, I have quite a few experimental potions I have yet to try out on a test subject.

It seems that whatever’s going on down here, Panroar and Conan are trying to build an army. We’ve seen the laboratories, a massive forge, a room solely for sacrificing innocents. We interrupted a man called Nostra Deathreader in the midst of a ritualistic sacrifice to Asmodeus. Outrageous waste of perfectly good organs.

Doctor's Notes #4

A fair bit of killing ensued. Met a shackled man. Freed him. Gave him a dagger for some reason. Turned out he was less than honorable. He died. Never got my dagger back.

We ran into a truly devious trap. Nobody saw it coming. Luckily, as is so often the case, Ulrich solved the problem with equal parts brute strength and stalwart determination. With Draval and I assisting, we escaped our watery grave.

That’s when things got a little strange. We came upon, among other things, a laboratory of sorts. Primitive to be sure, but their genetic manipulation techniques were extremly impressive. Since their former owner no longer had any use for them, I liberated quite a few alchemical potions. Most, it seems, are for the rapid genetic manipulation we witnessed. Too rapid for “safe” use as Ulric put it (his actual words were “You must be mad.”), but I’m sure they will come in handy at some point.

I have yet to see any crab-clawed trolls. Or crab-clawed humans, for that sake. I will have to remedy this.

Doctor's Notes #3

I woke up in the water. Rather, I regained control of my senses under the water. According to Ulrich and Draval, I had been trying to get my hands on an orb of considerable transformational power at the bottom of the sea. Possibilites for reverse-engineering genetical transmutation should be investigated, were I to get my hands on a similar orb. A few members of the kua-toa species were guarding an entrance to their underground lair, but they were quickly dispatched. The entrance was also guarded by some sort of black, gelatinous mass. Unafraid, I stepped into it. The sensation was… interesting. We all emerged in the lair of what I can only describe as a tar golem. The ensuing fight was quick, brutal and, all in all, a flawless victory. Samples were taken, and we moved on, all of us covered in a black, sticky tar-like substance which was impossible to rinse off. I was, needless to say, not amused.

Doctor's Notes #2

Met a bigger ship. I guess they didn’t like Ulrich throwing boulders at them, because they started shooting harpoons at our ship, – which I have dubbed “The Blitzkrieg” – luckily missing us altogether. Terrible aim. Could make a few modifications to those harpoons that’d make those buffoons lose control of their bowels. Literally.

After some skillful maneuvering from my side, some sneaky trickery from Draval and some truly excellent boulder-hurling from Ulrich, we managed to lose them. Not long after, I caught several fish. Quite proud.

Doctor's Notes #1

Got safely out of the pirate cave, borrowed a ship and commandeered a crew. Their names escape me at the moment, but they’re all faithful hands before the mast. That’s pirate-speak. On a slightly unrelated note, I can’t get rid of this blasted curse. Might have to perform impromptu surgery on myself, since Ulrich is… unwilling to let me cut open his chest cavity, and Draval seems unaffected by the curse. Richard is keeping an eye on the crew, making sure they aren’t slacking. He’s a good mount.

Also, cave troll + crab claws? Worth considering.

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